Who is xAPI Ready?

xAPI Ready does not imply or warranty any conformance with xAPI specifications.

It’s an indication of activity or willingness to participate in using Experience API to improve learning experiences.


Here at TorranceLearning, we’re all about uplift. From improving on-the-job skills of learners, to helping our L&D clients and col­leagues shine. We invite you into a conversation about what’s new and what works, whether it’s by joining us at the free xAPI Learning Cohort or engaging with us to design and develop an xAPI-based solution.


Watershed is a Learning Analytics Platform (LAP) that measures training effectiveness, performance improvement, and business impact to help maximize investments in learning. Built on an xAPI-conformant Learning Record Store (LRS), Watershed enables users to explore all their learning and performance data in one place and measure how L&D is impacting their organizations.


xapiapps is a learning experience platform for L&D Departments that provides a new way of managing, delivering and measuring your employee training. At xapiapps we focus on providing a new breed of scientific, data-driven corporate training tools with proven ROI for highly competitive industries. Schedule a call today.

Learning Locker

Learning Locker is the world's most installed LRS, used by organizations across the globe to take control of their learning data. With best-in-class aggregation, automation and analytics, and complete flexibility in deployment (Open Source, On-Premise, or On-Cloud), Learning Locker is 100% xAPI-Conformant and ready to deliver the results modern organizations demand.


RISC, founded in 1992, was an early adopter of xAPI and developed the first commercially available cmi5 compatible Learning Management System.  RISC’s LMS with embedded Learning Records Store is fully xAPI enabled to help ensure the LRS captures all learning activities within the organization.  Visit http://risc-inc.com to learn more.


DigitalChalk has embraced xAPI as the next big standard in the learning industry and extends xAPI capabilities beyond any other LMS use of xAPI. DigitalChalk is the leading provider of LMS solutions, designed to help small to mid-sized businesses create, execute and manage their learning and development programs for employees and customers.


The dominKnow Platform is a web-based authoring and publishing solution that helps teams collaborate in real-time, share and re-use content, and easily engage subject matter experts in the review process. Content is ready for delivery from virtually any location — all from a single-source.

Riptide Software

Riptide Learning brings the Elements® product line of xAPI-powered learning solutions to the modern enterprise: Storepoints xAPI-Conformant LRS, Waypoints In-line Training Software, and Learnpoints Adaptive Learning Courseware. Elements makes eLearning easier through enabling, behavior-focused learning technology that provides insightful analytics, walk-through software training, and eLearning courseware development.

Yet Analytics

Yet Analytics builds the world’s most visual learning record store. Collect learning records from across your learning ecosystem with the Yet xAPI LRS. Use the LRS analytics dashboard to measure learning activity, resource use, and engagement. See the impact of learning investment, evaluate the effectiveness of learning resources, and define your organization’s experience graph with the Yet xAPI Learning Record Store.

OnPoint Digital

OnPoint Digital delivers powerful yet affordably priced online and mlearning solutions for the enterprise. Our CellCast Solution platform enables organizations to deliver tracked content to learners via browsers, phones and tablets via a customized and responsive UX tied to an ADL conformant LRS providing real-time analytics and triggered actions.


Trusted by 78,000+ organizations worldwide, Articulate makes it easy to create compelling courses for every device. Articulate 360 has everything you need for every aspect of e‑learning course development


Trivantis, a global leader and pioneer in end-to-end eLearning solutions since 1999, develops leading-edge software and provides unmatched services to resolve the toughest challenges of any organization. Trivantis solutions to drive innovation and improve delivery of training and certification for employees, partners and clients.

Obsidian Learning

Using leading technologies, Obsidian Learning facilitates learning, knowledge transfer, and effective organizational change. Obsidian develops interactive learning programs that engage learners and accelerate skills development. Obsidian’s custom authoring tool, Obsidian Black is xAPI, cmi5, and SCORM compatible. Obsidian also creates custom mobile apps that allow you to deliver just-in-time learning, in just the right way.

Float Learning

Float designs and builds powerful and useful experiences for the enterprise. We use a human-centered design process and agile development to create award-winning products and services. Our xAPI apps are great for performance support, microlearning, events and more. Talk to our experts today and ask about the SparkLearn microlearning platform.

HT2 Labs

At HT2 Labs, we believe that data is the backbone of any successful learning ecosystem. We built the world's most installed LRS, Learning Locker (available as SaaS and Open Source) as well as the Curatr Social Learning Platform and Red Panda Personal Learning Hub – which also harness the power of xAPI, to help teams learn from their experience


We support Companies and Organizations innovating how their people learn and cooperate. We work designing new ways to extract stories and insights from learning data. We've built an innovative Learning Record Provider called Experio.

Veracity Technology Consultants

We provide world-class solutions to meet a variety of engineering, data, and systems integration challenges. Our unique range of skills in systems engineering, data integration, and learning standards all help drive our forward-thinking solutions.


Exputo helps organizations translate the confusing path of learning platform technologies. We provide consulting services on choosing the best learning platform (LMS/LRS) as well as develop technologies to connect your existing LMS and content with an LRS.


edTotal uses X-API and our edTotal LRS to build learner centric modern, flexible, reliable and mobile micro learning, operational learning centers, REAL certification programs and special projects.

Fábrica de Cursos

Fábrica de Cursos - EdTech has been working in the e-learning corporate market since 1998. Our experience in the training of a few million students, aligned with the constant offer of innovative solutions for Corporate Education, makes Fábrica de Cursos The e-learning company!

Life Science Interactive

We create interactive learning objects for the life sciences. These self-contained and reusable modules take users about 8-10 minutes to complete. Our „bite-sized“ learning modules focus on specific scientific topics and can be used as a stand-alone resource or be combined with other objects, as part of a larger course.

gomo learning

gomo provides two great products that enable you to create, host, update and track beautiful multi-device eLearning. gomo authoring creates responsive and adaptive HTML5 content. gomo hosting allows you to get content into the hands of learners instantly, via websites, LMSs, social media sites and more with full xAPI analytics.


In a rapidly evolving industry in which technological adaptability and innovation are critical, we are proud to be celebrating over 22 years in the business! As evidenced by the effectiveness of our training in quantified evaluations and our numerous awards, PowerTrain develops powerful training. Our creative, multidisciplinary staff is among the best in the business.

Open Learning Global

At OpenLearning, we’re revolutionising online learning to be a social and engaging experience for students. Our goal is to help others across the world to create these experiences for students everywhere.


FLUX is the Active Learning Platform for the modern classroom. Collaborate with your teaching team to run live polls, Q&A and more.